High Energy / Nuclear Theory / RIKEN seminars

[Riken seminar] Weak Value and CP Violation Measurement

by Mr Yuichiro Mori


The weak value, proposed by Aharonov et al.  in 1988, has been 
applied for various fields of physics for the purpose of precision 
measurement, which is made possible with the help of the 'postselection' 
specifying actively the final state in the physical process. Here we 
have considered the feasibility of applying the weak measurement in high 
energy particle physics, especially in measuring the CP-violating 
parameters in B meson decays, where the effective lifetime of the decay 
mode is expected to be prolonged statistically due to the postselection. 
Our analysis shows that, when adopted in the Belle II experiment at the 
SuperKEKB collider, the effective lifetime may be prolonged up to 2.6 
times, and that the measurement precision of the CP-violating parameters 
may be improved by about 20%.