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Nuclear Physics Seminars at BNL

Non-perturbative applications of Quantum Chromodynamics

by Dr Li Meijian (Jyvakyla University (Finland))


In this talk, I will introduce my research on two investigations of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) in the non-perturbative regimes: radiative transitions of heavy quarkonia and quark-nucleus scattering. We address those problems with the light-front Hamiltonian approach. In studying the radiative transitions of heavy quarkonia, winvestigate the effect of different current components, different magnetic projections of the states, and different reference frames in the valence Fock sector calculation on the light front. We suggest preferred choices based on our analysis and carry out numerical calculations of those quantities with the mesons' light-front wavefunctions. In studying the quark-nucleus scattering, we carry out an explicit evolution of the quark by decomposing the time-evolution operator into many time increments. We reveal sub-eikonal effects through the quark’s transverse coordinate distribution, and through gluon emission/absorption.

Organized by

Salvatore Fazio