Soebur Razzaque "[HET seminar] Non-unitary neutrino oscillations to reduce tension between the NOvA and T2K data"



The unitary PMNS matrix is the parametrization used for mixing of three active neutrinos. In case there are extra neutrinos which are heavy iso-singlets, the effective mixing matrix for the three active neutrinos will be non-unitary. As a result, the oscillation probabilities between the active neutrinos are modified from the probabilities obtained using the PMNS matrix. Long baseline neutrino experiments can probe the non-unitarity and constrain parameters of the model. We have analyzed the latest data from the NOvA and T2K experiments using both the unitary and non-unitary mixing scenarios. In this talk I will present results from our analysis and show that the tension between the oscillation data from these two experiments can be reduced when analyzing with non-unitary mixing of the neutrinos.  

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