WSMON3: Cryo-EM at LBMS: Protein Structures, Protein-protein and Protein-cell Interactions

Monday, 17 May 2021 - 10:00
Zoom link will be provided (Virtual Workshop)

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17 May 2021
Session Chair: Dongyan Tan (Stony Brook University) (until 13:00) (Virtual Workshop)
10:00 Welcoming remarks - Sean McSweeney (LBMS)   (Virtual Workshop)
10:10 Overviews of LBMS - Liguo Wang (LBMS)   (Virtual Workshop)
10:30 Application and fabrication of mono-layer graphene grids in cryo-EM - Xiao Fan (Princeton University)   (Virtual Workshop)
11:00 Time-resolved cryoEM using Spotiton: a new take on a classic experiment - Chase Budell (NYSBC)   (Virtual Workshop)
11:30 Simple and robust methods for high-speed cryoEM specimen preparation - John Rubinstein (University of Toronto)   (Virtual Workshop)
12:00 --- Lunch break ---
Session Chair: Yong Xiong (Yale University) (until 17:00) (Virtual Workshop)
13:00 Opening windows into the cell: bringing structure to sell biology using cryo-Electron Tomography - Elizabeth Villa (UCSD)   (Virtual Workshop)
13:30 Cryo-ET data collection with SerialEM - Jun Liu (Yale University)   (Virtual Workshop)
14:00 Don't throw away your data! Topaz deep learning particle picking results in more complete cryoEM structures - Alex Noble (NYSBC)   (Virtual Workshop)
14:30 Improving SPA data processing pipeline by skipping 2D classification - Farzad Jalali-Yazdi (Vertex Pharmaceuticals)   (Virtual Workshop)
15:00 Discussion with LBMS personnel and speakers - Qun Liu (BNL)   (Virtual Workshop)
15:30 --- Break ---
16:00 Demo: single particle data collection using EPU - Guobin Hu (LBMS)   (Virtual Workshop)