Florentin Jaffredo "[HET seminar] Single Leptoquark Solutions to the B-physics anomalies"




Recent results from LHCb and B-factories hint at violation of Lepton Flavor Universality (LFU) in both tree-level and loop-induced B-meson decays. After a brief review of the status of these anomalies, we will discuss the minimalistic scenarios of New Physics at the $\mathcal{O}(\mathrm{TeV})$ scale which involve one leptoquark state (LQ) and which are consistent with a number of measured low energy flavor physics observables, as well as with the direct searches at the LHC. We will show which LQ can provide acceptable solution to these anomalies, and make predictions regarding the lepton flavor violating decay modes that can be probed experimentally and therefore test the validity of the proposed scenarios. 

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