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Nuclear Physics Seminars at BNL

Probing color confinement with quantum entanglement

by Zhoudunming Tu (BNL)


One of the pillars of the Standard Model is Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), the fundamental quantum theory of the quark and gluon fields that make up nearly all the matter in the visible universe. A striking emergent phenomenon of QCD is that colored quarks and gluons are permanently confined within hadrons on a length scale of one Fermi. This phenomenon, nowhere evident in the QCD Lagrangian, is known as color confinement. Despite the lack of theoretical understanding of confinement, its experimental counterpart is equally elusive and fundamental. In this talk, I will introduce a new idea of exploring the problem of color confinement through the study of quantum entanglement and present first-time experimental measurements of entanglement entropy in high-energy collisions of elementary particles. In this context I will discuss future opportunities at the upcoming Electron-Ion Collider.

Organized by

Rongrong Ma