LHC@BNL: Joint Theory/Experiment Workshop on Early Physics at the LHC

Large Seminar Room, Building 500, BNL

Large Seminar Room, Building 500, BNL

Understanding data from the LHC will require significant interactions between experimentalists and theorists. The LHC@BNL effort is aimed at facilitating these interactions and fostering future collaborations. A one-day workshop on March 16 will be focused on early (100 pb-1) physics at the LHC. The early physics will center around rediscovering the Standard Model: W's, Z's, tops, and jets. We plan a series of talks by both theorists and experimentalists focusing on the importance of early physics for understanding the LHC detectors and Monte Carlos, and as a basis for future discoveries. The day will have ample time for discussion. We particularly encourage New York area graduate students, post-docs, and faculty to attend. Organizing Committee Sally Dawson Hong Ma
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    • 09:30 17:30
      Conveners: Hong Ma (BNL), Sally Dawson (BNL)
      • 09:30
        Monte Carlo Tools for Early LHC Physics 45m
        Speaker: Steve Mrenna (FNAL)
      • 10:15
        Tools for LHC Physics 45m
        Speaker: Gustaaf Brooijman (Columbia)
      • 11:00
        Coffee Break 15m
      • 11:15
        W/Z Plus Jets 45m
        Speaker: Kevin Black (Harvard)
      • 12:00
        Lunch (Berkner Hall) 1h 30m
      • 13:30
        Jets at the LHC 45m
        Speaker: Gregory Soyez (BNL)
      • 14:15
        Extracting Hadronic Resonances using Jet Ensembles 45m
        Speaker: Dr Amit Lath (Rutgers)
      • 15:00
        Standard Model and Beyond at the LHC 45m
        Speaker: Joey Huston (MSU)
      • 15:45
        Coffee Break 15m
      • 16:00
        QCD Lessons from the Tevatron 45m
        Speaker: Heidi Schellman (Northwestern)
      • 16:45
        Physics with 100 pb-1 45m
        Speaker: Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS)