High Energy / Nuclear Theory / RIKEN Seminars

[RBRC Seminar] Jet quenching in anisotropic media

by Dr João Barata


Over the last decades, many of the available theoretical jet quenching formalisms have been extended to account for the medium’s finite longitudinal extension and expansion. However, only recently approaches have been devised to account for jet evolution in flowing and anisotropic media. In this talk, we discuss how to account for the medium anisotropies in the dense regime, where the resummation of multiple in-medium scatterings is necessary. We consider, in particular, a non-flowing background with finite matter gradients and compute the single particle momentum broadening distribution. We will also detail how the framework can be extended to account for corrections to radiative energy loss. We provide some qualitative arguments that, in principle, medium anisotropies can be probed using jet substructure observables.

Organized by

Vladimir Skokov