High Energy / Nuclear Theory / RIKEN Seminars

[RBRC Seminar] Semiclassical description of confinement via center vortices and anomaly-preserving $T^2$ compactifications

by Yuya Tanizaki (Tokyo & RIKEN)


Confinement of 4d gauge theories is usually the strong-coupling problem, and it is a difficult task to understand even its qualitative features. We are trying to develop its semiclassical understanding based on the idea of volume independence or adiabatic continuity. We conjecture that the strong-coupling regime of many 4d gauge theories is continuously connected to the weak-coupling theories on $\mathbb{R}^2\times T^2$ on small $T^2$ with the nontrivial ‘t Hooft flux. We explicitly confirm the fractional theta periodicity for pure YM and chiral Lagrangian for QCD can be derived in this small $T^2$ regime, which partly justifies our conjecture. We also uncover why this is possible in view of anomaly-preservation of this compactification. 

Organized by

Vladi Skokov