High Energy / Nuclear Theory / RIKEN Seminars

[NT/RBRC seminar] Pseudo- and quasi-PDFs in the BFKL approximation

by Dr Giovanni Chirilli (Regensburg university)




To calculate the PDFs from first principles in Lattice gauge theories it is convenient to consider
the Ioffe-time distribution defined through gauge-invariant bi-local operators with spacelike separa-
tion. Lattice calculations provide values for a limited range of the distance separating the bi-local
operators. In order to perform the Fourier transform and obtain the pseudo- and the quasi-PDFs,
it is then necessary to extrapolate the large-distance behavior.
I will discuss the formalism one may use to study the behavior of the Ioffe-time distribution at
large distances and the behavior of the pseudo- and quasi-PDFs at low Bjorken-x. Using light-ray
operators, I will also show how to obtain the behavior of the leading and next-to-leading twist
approximation of the pseudo- and the quasi-PDFs at low-xB.