Particle Physics Seminars at BNL

Tension between the local Universe and the CMB: should the LCDM model be challenged or not?

by Dr Thomas de Jaeger (University of Hawaii)


The most stringent local measurement of the Hubble constant from Cepheid-calibrated Type Ia supernovae differs from the value inferred via the cosmic microwave background radiation (Planck + LCDM) by more than five sigmas. This so-called "Hubble tension" has been confirmed by other independent methods and thus does not appear to be a possible consequence of systematic errors. Additionally to the "Hubble tension", the structures' growth rate seems different between the local Universe and the CMB. In this talk, I will describe an independent approach to test the second and third rungs of the distance-ladder method using Type II supernovae to understand those tensions better. Finally, I will also present preliminary results on Type Ia supernovae in near-infrared and the Hawaii Supernova Flows project to measure the matter distribution.

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