AI/ML Working Group

CCSES AI/ML "Ask Us Anything" Office Hours


The Computational Science Initiative (CSI) at Brookhaven National Laboratory is happy to announce the Center for Computing Sciences Education and Support (CCSES) “AI/ML Ask Us Anything” office hours, to occur twice/month indefinitely. These events are meant to be informal opportunities to ask CSI artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) experts any questions you might have. All are welcome, from BNL scientists to university or high school students, and everyone in between! No Zoom registration is required; please register using the Indico event to get the link. 

The events will occur on the first Monday and third Wednesday of every month at 1 pm US Eastern time. 

Monday events will have a theme of “collaboration”. These are meant to foster productive interaction between staff, postdocs, and students in the context of active research. Attendees can use this opportunity to get insight into how AI/ML techniques can be applied to their own work, or possibly even create new opportunities for jointly led projects between their own departments/directorates and CSI. 

Wednesday events will have a theme of “education”. These are intended primarily for staff, postdocs, and students to ask questions related to AI/ML techniques that are not tied to a specific project or research initiative. These include, but are certainly not limited to, questions about basic techniques, new algorithms, classwork, or applications. 

We stress that the themes are not absolute, and anyone is welcome to ask any questions at any time. If you have a specific topic in mind that you’d like feedback on, we encourage you to use our Google Forms survey. This will help us determine which subject matter experts should attend. 

We hope that these events will provide an opportunity for the broader scientific community to gather and discuss how AI/ML can be used effectively in your own work, and to provide an opportunity for students of the field to ask questions to CSI’s many experts. We hope to see you there! 

Submit your questions in advance through the Google Forms survey