12-15 April 2016
BNL Physics Building
US/Eastern timezone

A Hadronization Model for Jets Based on Quark Recombination

13 Apr 2016, 10:00
Large Seminar Room (BNL Physics Building)

Large Seminar Room

BNL Physics Building


Prof. Rainer Fries (Texas A and M University)


Within the JET collaboration we have explored hadronization of jet showers in the vacuum and in nuclear matter based on the idea of quark recombination. We find that partons in the low-z bulk of typical vacuum jet showers usually find recombination partners, while high-z partons are typically too far removed in phase space and need to stay connected to other partons via QCD strings. We model stable hadrons and their resonances through harmonic oscillator wave functions whose parameters have been fit to experimental data. Our model compares well to pure string fragmentation models of hadronization for vacuum jets. The advantage of a recombination based model is that it easily generalizes to jets in a nuclear medium. In this talk we discuss our hadronization formalism, its implementation in a Monte Carlo package, and some first results.

Primary author

Prof. Rainer Fries (Texas A and M University)

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