12-15 April 2016
BNL Physics Building
US/Eastern timezone

Rigorous measurements of jet quenching at RHIC and LHC

12 Apr 2016, 14:25
Large Seminar Room (BNL Physics Building)

Large Seminar Room

BNL Physics Building


Dr Peter Jacobs (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)


Jets are fundamental objects in QCD. Inclusive jet production is well-understood in elementary collisions, with excellent agreement between pQCD calculations and experiment for jet energies from a few GeV to beyond 1 TeV. This extraordinary accomplishment required decades of development in experimental technique, theory, and IRC-safe reconstruction algorithms to connect the two. Measurements and calculations of quenched jets in heavy ion collisions are yet more challenging, for reasons familiar to us all. However, jet quenching is of interest precisely because of its promise to provide highly controlled probes of the QGP. Meeting this promise likewise requires quenched jet measurements that are “IRC-safe”; specifically, that integrate out hadronic degrees of freedom and explore the dynamics of quenching in terms of energy flow, thereby measuring quenching at the partonic level. This requirement, for the full kinematic range at RHIC and LHC, imposes strong constraints on quenched jet measurement observables and techniques. I will discuss recent progress towards such rigorous measurements of jet quenching, using data from STAR at RHIC and ALICE at the LHC.

Primary author

Dr Peter Jacobs (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

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