12-15 April 2016
BNL Physics Building
US/Eastern timezone

Finite size effects in pair production processes

15 Apr 2016, 09:00
Large Seminar Room (BNL Physics Building)

Large Seminar Room

BNL Physics Building


Dr Dániel Berényi (Wigner Research Centre for Physics of the H.A.S)


Abstract: Flux tube based models are widely used for describing the early stage of heavy-ion collisions. Usually, the microscopic process underlying these models is based on vacuum pair production. In the simplest case, when the gauge field is constant and homogeneous the rate of pairs is given by the Schwinger formula. However, such energetic nucleus collisions are expected to give rise to strongly time dependent and localized fields. Using the Dirac-Heisenberg-Wigner formalism with the color-democracy assumption, we argue, that the inhomogeneous fields, like the ones in a flux tube geometry give qualitatively different spectra compared to homogeneous pair production models. We show, that the two classes can be separated by measuring the high-pT transverse spectra. Co-Authors: Vladimir V. Skokov (BNL), Sándor Varró (Wigner RCP), Péter Lévai (Wigner RCP)

Primary author

Dr Dániel Berényi (Wigner Research Centre for Physics of the H.A.S)

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