12-15 April 2016
BNL Physics Building
US/Eastern timezone

Methods for precision measurements in di-hadron and jet-hadron correlations

14 Apr 2016, 16:30
Large Seminar Room (BNL Physics Building)

Large Seminar Room

BNL Physics Building


Prof. Christine Nattrass (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)


Di-hadron correlations and jet-hadron correlations are useful tools for studying interactions between jets and the strongly interacting medium created in high energy heavy ion collisions. Jet-hadron correlations will be particularly useful for measurements of the low momentum component of jets. However, the background in these studies are large and are correlated with the signal. The standard method for background subtraction relies on independent measurements of the $v_n$. Higher order $v_n$ are frequently not available, for instance for studies of jets, and the resulting studies therefore have large systematic errors. We present a method for determining the background by fitting the background-dominated region using the reaction plane dependence of the correlation function. We discuss methods for extending this method to lower momenta and prospects for reanalizing RHIC measurements previously analyzed assuming $v_3$ = 0.

Primary author

Prof. Christine Nattrass (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

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