12-15 April 2016
BNL Physics Building
US/Eastern timezone

Surface Bias Studies with Monte Carlo Models and Application to Jet-Hadron Correlations

14 Apr 2016, 14:30
Large Seminar Room (BNL Physics Building)

Large Seminar Room

BNL Physics Building


Mr Michael Oliver (Yale University)


To make sense of correlation studies of heavy ion collisions, it is important to understand how the choice of trigger and physical cuts affects the origin of the measured particles, as this effects the path length they encounter in the medium of a quark-gluon plasma. High momentum particles are likely to have come from a QCD hard scattering process, and can thus be understood through jet-medium interaction models such as YaJEM and JEWEL. Here, we study and compare how such models predict the original vertices are distributed, given different triggers and cuts. Additionally, we apply these models to make predictions for jet-hadron correlations in colliding systems at RHIC and the LHC.

Primary author

Mr Michael Oliver (Yale University)

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