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Nuclear Physics Seminars at BNL

Dr. Zhi Hu (Institute of Modern Physics, Lanzhou), Three-dimensional structure of the proton and Sivers asymmetry within the BLFQ framework


The internal structures of the proton take the centre of the current high-energy physics research, among which the TMDs have received increasing concentration. They reveal the 3D picture of the proton, and, via TMD factorization and evolution, can be connected to the cross-section of various processes, like SIDIS, Drell-Yan process, and electron-positron annihilation. In this talk, we start with an effective Hamiltonian to calculate all the eight the leading-twist quark TMDs within the Basis Light-front Quantization framework. For T-even TMDs, we only retain the zeroth-order expansion of the gauge link, and for T-odd TMDs, we use the famous OGE approximation. After investigating some properties of the obtained TMDs, we further compute the Sivers asymmetry from various SIDIS experiments and discuss the difference between BLFQ calculations and the experimental measurements.