High Energy / Nuclear Theory / RIKEN Seminars

HET Lunchtime Seminar Xinyu Tuo: lattice QCD calculation of neutrinoless double beta decay

2-160 (510)




https://bnl.zoomgov.com/j/1601352829?pwd=ZE4ramZUYjJyR0xzK2VXWCtUTU55QT09 (510/2-160) 


Neutrinoless double beta decay, if detected, would demonstrate neutrinos are Majorana fermions and provide evidence for the lepton number violation. This decay process involves interactions across various energy scales, so a collaborative approach employing different effective theories (EFTs) is needed. Within this framework, lattice QCD can help to bridge the quark-level and hadron-level physics by determining low-energy constants (LECs) in the chiral effective theory. In this talk, I will introduce lattice calculations of neutrinoless double beta decay in the pion sector. A key challenge in these calculations is how to implement the nearly massless neutrinos on the lattice. To address this, we adopted the infinite volume reconstruction method, which effectively mitigates the finite-volume effects. This approach has enabled us to perform precise determinations of the relevant LECs. To conclude my talk, I will discuss the potential extension of these lattice calculations to the nucleon sector.