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Nuclear Physics Seminars at BNL

Inorganic Scintillators for Future High Energy and Nuclear Physics Experiments

by Ren-Yuan Zhu (



Inorganic scintillators have been playing important role in physics discoveries. The severe radiation environment and high event rate expected by and the large volume required for future HEP and NP experiments, however, present stringent challenge to inorganic scintillators in radiation tolerance, ultrafast timing response and cost-effectiveness. I will report recent progress in inorganic scintillators for future HEP and NP experiments. Examples are LYSO:Ce crystals for CMS BTL, LuAG:Ce ceramics for RADiCAL, BaF2:Y crystals for Mu2e-II and cost-effective glasses for CalVision and HHCAL. Applications for Gigahertz hard X-ray imaging will also be discussed.

Organized by

Hong Ma
Craig Woody