BNL Physics Colloquia

P5: A Particle Physics Project Plan

by Prof. Sarah Demers (Yale University)


The US particle physics community, with strong international participation, engaged in a multi-year "Snowmass" process to investigate how our field might make progress on our current scientific questions with new experimental and theoretical work. Following this brainstorming process, in which hundreds of proposals were written and many recommendations suggested, a particle physics project prioritization panel (P5) was charged with crafting a ten-year plan within a 20-year vision that fit within budget scenarios provided by the Department of Energy. Taking into account community input from the documentation produced by the particle physics community, as well as dedicated town halls, the P5 committee crafted a plan, documented in our report. In this talk I will present the P5 plan and major recommendations with an eye toward BNL's areas of strength and opportunity.

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