High Energy / Nuclear Theory / RIKEN Seminars

Rocco Amarosso, NT Seminar, Entanglement Entropy due to the Presence of Static Quarks


In this talk I explore the entanglement of gluon fields in presence of a static $Q\bar Q$ pair in quenched QCD.
Using the replica method, we investigate the $q=2$ Renyi entropy of the entanglement of gluon fields
inside and in the vicinity of the confining QCD string between the quark and the antiquark.
We find that there is excess entropy of gluon entanglement compared to vacuum fluctuations.
This excess of entanglement entropy is associated with the gluon flux tube,
and we find that it has a finite non-zero value in the continuum.
We investigate the dependence of gluon entanglement on the geometry of longitudinal and transverse
partitioning of the flux tube.
Our preliminary results suggest scaling of the entanglement entropy with the area of the
boundary overlapping with the flux tube.