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Nuclear Physics Seminars at BNL

Entanglement Suppression and Emergent Symmetries

by Ian Low (Argonne/Northwestern)

Small seminar room

Small seminar room


Symmetry is one of the most fundamental principles in nature, but where does it come from? I will discuss recent efforts to understand origin of symmetry from the perspective of quantum information and consider two distinct physical systems with emergent symmetries. The first involves non-relativistic neutron-proton scattering in low-energy QCD, where the suppression of spin entanglement leads to Wigner's spin-flavor symmetry and Schrodinger's non-relativistic conformal invariance. The second system concerns two-Higgs-doublet models, the prototypical example for electroweak symmetry breaking and physics beyond the standard model, in which case the suppression of flavor entanglement leads to a maximal SO(8) symmetry and gives rise to a Standard-Model-like Higgs boson, as observed in nature. In addition, I will extend the analysis to spin-1/2 baryons and discuss possibilities to measure the entanglement property of S-matrix in hyperon-nucleon scattering. 


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