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High Energy / Nuclear Theory / RIKEN Seminars

Vladimir Khachatryan, Radiative corrections in unpolarized elastic electron-deuteron scattering and deuteron charge radius puzzle, [NT Seminar]


Similar to the well-known proton charge radius puzzle, an analogous puzzle exists for the deuteron charge

radius. There are discrepancies observed in the deuteron radius measured from electron-deuteron (e−d) 

scattering experiments as well as from atomic/muonic spectroscopy. In order to help resolve the charge 

radius puzzle of the deuteron, the PRad collaboration at Jefferson Lab has proposed an experiment for 

measuring the deuteron charge radius, named DRad, by measuring the unpolarized elastic e−d scattering 

cross section in a low-Q2 region. To extract the cross section with a high precision, having reliable knowledge

of QED radiative corrections is important. In this talk, we represent the results of numerical calculations

of the lowest-order radiative corrections in e − d scattering for the DRad kinematics. We will simultaneously

discuss radiative corrections in unpolarized electron-proton scattering wherever it is relevant. Ultimately,

we will address the deuteron charge radius puzzle starting from the proton charge radius puzzle.