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Reconstruction Group Meeting


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ePIC Reconstruction meeting, May 21

Host: Derek

Note taking: Shujie

1. AOB: 

a. Announce Simon Gardner as the user learning WG liaison

b. primary vertex recon status

c. EICUG workfest ideas:

     i. workfest of documentation.

    John: this may be relevant for only a small group of people, maybe fit better with some S&C meeting.

    Markus: get people in one room, and learn from users on missing docs and what is desired. Collaboration meeting is a unique opportunity for people to travel.


    ii.  general workfest session on reconstruction status, and also discuss the plan on PID

2. FF ZDC (HCal) reconstruction status (Sebouh)

Two approaches:
a. topological clustering:
    existing imaging calo algorithm. multiple hits along z, need to optimize the clustering parameters

  • Gain calibrated with 100GeV single neutron. Also checked momentum resolution. 
  • Lambda --> n + pi0 (gamma-gamma)  

b. Graph Neural Network 
better resolution, less bias, can be used for multi-neutron clustering. 



Miguel: would be nice to adding noise to ZDC
Derek: joint meeting b/w Kolja, Miguel, Derek on noise implementation
Markus: detailed noise model is not priority for TDR

Dimitrii: how GNN is set up, and its memory consumption?
Miguel: still need to develop a cpp code to handle the EICrecon fit to GNN input transition
Alex: use pytorch for model, Sakib is working on another GNN plugin and also code to link EICrecon to trained model, which may be useful here as well.

Derek: combine EMCal and HCal
Miguel: try to reconstruction neutron from labmda with HCal only, once it's under contral, then add ECal 
Alex: you need imaging capability for lambda recon without vertexing info. EMCal may not be that helpful, and may smear the showers a little bit which can be a simple study to do. 

3. efinder update

Derek (Tristan can not attend):

efinder will move to using real (instead of truth) info for July campaign




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    • 3:30 PM 3:50 PM
      ZDC recon status 20m

      part 2 of FF reconstruction discussion

      Speakers: Miguel Arratia (University of California, Riverside), Miguel Arratia (UC Riverside), Sebouh Paul (UC Riverside), Sebouh Paul (Faculty@ucr.edu)
    • 3:50 PM 4:10 PM
      Electron Finder Update (cancelled) 20m
      Speakers: Daniel Brandenburg (Ohio State University), Tristan Protzman (Lehigh University)
    • 4:10 PM 4:30 PM
      AOB 20m