24-28 September 2018
LBNL, Berkeley CA
US/Pacific timezone


CNR*18 Conference Photo

The CNR* series was initiated in 2007 with a meeting near Yosemite National Park. It has since moved to Bordeaux (2009), Prague (2011), Sao Paulo (2013), and Tokyo (2015). The workshop series brings together experts in nuclear theory, experiment, data evaluations, and applications, and fosters interactions between these groups.

Topics :

  • nuclear reaction mechanisms
  • optical model
  • direct reactions and the compound nucleus
  • pre-equilibrium reactions
  • fusion
  • fission
  • cross section measurements (direct and indirect methods)
  • Hauser-Feshbach theory (limits and extensions)
  • compound-nuclear decays, particle and gamma emission
  • level densities and strength functions
  • nuclear structure for compound-nuclear reactions
  • nuclear astrophysics
  • nuclear energy and other applications

The workshop consists primarily of plenary talks, which include overviews, invited and contributed presentations, a poster session, and opportunities for discussions.

Thank you everyone for attending!  See the circulars below for information about the proceedings.

LBNL, Berkeley CA
Building 66, Room 317
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley CA, 94720
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