Jan 7 – 9, 2013
BNL Physics Building
US/Eastern timezone
A joint BNL-LANL-RBRC workshop to advocate and to prepare for the first polarized p+A run at RHIC.
BNL Physics Building
Large Seminar Room
This workshop is jointly sponsored by: Brookhaven National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory and RIKEN-BNL Research Center.
One of the main design goals of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) is to collide a high energy transversely polarized proton beam with a high energy heavy ion beam. This workshop will gather theorists, experimentalists and accelerator experts from the RHIC community to clearly identify the physics opportunities in polarized p+A collisions and to address practical issues leading towards the first p+A run at RHIC.
Recently, there have been exciting theoretical and experimental advances in understanding how to exploit new physics observables for studying gluon saturation at RHIC using polarized p+A collisions. Initial accelerator studies show that polarized p+A collisions can be realized at RHIC with minor machine adjustments. The projected integrated p+A lominosity is at the level of 50 pb-1 (p+p equivalent)  with 60% proton beam polarization. Both the PHENIX and the STAR experiments are already in positions to carry out such a new physics program using current detectors and near-term upgrades.
A set of p+A measurements, on spin-independent and spin-dependent observables, with various nuclear species will shed new light on our understanding of the gluonic structure of nuclei, the properties of cold nuclear matter and the propagation of quarks inside the cold nuclear medium. RHIC is the only collider in the world with high-energy polarized proton beams, and with the flexibility of colliding almost any desired ion beam (C, Si, Cu, Au, U, Pb etc.), enabled by the new Electron Ion Beam Source. RHIC is in a unique position to explore a novel uncharted regime of condensed and saturated gluons.
Registration: please fill out the registration form on the left, or contact Xiaodong Jiang (xjiang@bnl.gov) or Mei Bai (mbai@bnl.gov).
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On-site Housing:
A number of rooms in the BNL Guest House and the dorm have been blocked for this workshop. The reservation number is 236809, under the name: CollisionP+A.
Organizers: Mei Bai (Co-Chair, BNL), Yuji Goto (RBRC), Steve Heppelmann (Penn State), Xiaodong Jiang (Co-Chair, LANL), Ming Liu (LANL), Yousef Makdisi (BNL) and Jianwei Qiu (BNL).
Workshop secretary: Annabelle Petway (petway@bnl.gov).