High Energy / Nuclear Theory / RIKEN seminars

[NT/RIKEN seminar] Qubit Regularization of Quantum Field Theories

by Shailesh Chandrasekharan (Duke University)

CFNS room 2-38 (Bldg. 510A)

CFNS room 2-38

Bldg. 510A


Motivated by the desire to study quantum field theories on a quantum computer, we propose a new type of regularization of quantum field theories where in addition to the usual lattice regularization, quantum field theories are constructed with a finite dimensional Hilbert space per lattice site. This is particularly relevant for studying bosonic field theories using a quantum computer since traditional lattice regularization assumes an infinite dimensional Hilbert space per lattice site and hence difficult to formulate on a quantum computer. Here we show that a two qubit model is sufficient to recover the 3d Wilson-Fisher fixed point and the 4d Gaussian fixed point of the O(3) sigma model. On the other hand in 2d, our qubit model does not seem to have a continuum limit although we have to study large lattices to establish this fact. We discuss modifications of our model that could perhaps yield a continuum limit.