High Energy / Nuclear Theory / RIKEN seminars

[RIKEN Lunch Seminar] Rapidity correlators at unequal rapidity

by Andrecia Ramnath (University of Jyvaskyla)

2-160 (Bldg. 510)


Bldg. 510


Unequal rapidity correlations can be studied within the stochastic Langevin picture of JIMWLK evolution in the Colour Glass Condensate effective field theory. By evolving the classical field in the direct and complex conjugate amplitudes, the Langevin formalism can be used to study two-particle production at large rapidity separations. We show how the evolution between the rapidities of the two produced particles can be expressed as a linear equation, even in the full nonlinear limit. In addition, we show how the Langevin formalism for two-particle correlations reduces to a BFKL picture in the dilute limit and in momentum space, providing an interpretation of BFKL evolution as a stochastic process for colour charges.