sPHENIX Office of System Integration (OSI) Monthly Meeting


sPHENIX Office of System Integration (OSI) Meeting Minutes


  1. MVTX Integration follow up to 11/13 workfest
    1. Dan Cacace working with MIT Jason B. on integration of INTT and MVTX.  Looking at beam pipe supports from INTT, alterations to the MVTX clam-shell flanges to clear more space with INTT and will look at alterations to the MVTX install fixture for possible use with INTT.
  2. New ICDs in work
    1. 1.4 oHCAL to 2.3 Pedestal --> Pontieri and Desantis
    2. 2.3 Pedestal to 2.4 AH and IR Tracks --> Pontieri and Desantis
    3. 1.4 Inner HCAL interfaces with various 2.3 core system support structures --> Pontieri and engineering staff
      1. TPC --> Need info from Miraval
      2. INTT --> Cacace provided interface info in PowerPoint slides. Will use exiting threaded holes on ends of iHCAL sectors that will also be used for EMCAL insertion tooling.
      3. MVTX --> Need info from MIT. Cacace will work with Jason at MIT to let him know what we need
      4. iHCAL support "clips" to Inner Structural Rings
  3. iHCAL Electronics Cooling and Cable fit up
    1. Chris Pontieri --> cable fit up tests with modified combs complete. All OK
    2. Group discussed where and how to set up CAL electronics in to stainless steel mock up to get a reading on heat production and temperature rise. Stainless sector will be conservative because less conductive than actual aluminum production sectors.  
      1. Rob Pisani sent OSI an email with conclusions from a summer student a few years ago. Feder needs to read and evaluate
      2. Carter suggested assigning a tech to this work once the 1008 IR is closed up and techs are available
      3. Feder to talk to CAL Electronics team to get this thermal testing moving using SST prototype sector in the EMCAL High Bay
        1. Will need to fab an electronics shelf for inside the sector
  4. 1008 IR Shield Wall opening
    1. Get description of analysis and status from Peter Hamblen
      1. Hamblen --> I received the last bit of geometry from Survey Group today that Jon Hock and I had asked for, lines for the shield wall tracks in relation to the IP. I’ve added the data into the 1008 assembly model and adjusted the assembly model accordingly, including the shield wall opening, sPHENIX shield wall tracks, and MUID plates. Based on the new data, I am coming up with a little more clearance between the carriage and the south side of the shield wall opening, approx. 3.8”.
    2. Carter and others think 4" of clearance is good based on past experience
    3. Hock and Hamblen may not be in full agreement yet. Feder to follow up.
  5. 3D cable and pipe routing needed and getting critical
    1. Feder --> ID design resource(s) to start supporting this
    2. TPC may need additional patch panels and larger cables/ 11/26 meeting may help to resolve
    3. There are a series of cabling workshops set up with Joel Vasquez, Rob Pisani and the various system experts.
  6. Additional French Saclay detector for annulus between TPC and EMCAL.  
    1. Bob Azmoun reached out to French team earlier this week and is waiting to hear back on status and plans forward
    2. Single layer "micro-mega" system that does not fill full 360 deg space.
    3. Need to start up design and integration meetings with Saclay team if this is going to move forward.


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