High Energy / Nuclear Theory / RIKEN seminars

[RIKEN Lunch Seminar] Revisiting the discovery potential of the isobar run at RHIC

by Alba Soto Ontoso (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

2-160 (Bldg. 510)


Bldg. 510


During the spring of 2018, the Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider carried out an isobar run consisting of Ru+Ru and Zr+Zr collisions at 200 GeV. The main objective of such experimental program was the unambiguous observation of a Chiral Magnetic Effect-driven charge separation. In this talk, I will demonstrate how an experimentally confirmed property of the nuclear structure of Zr, i.e. its neutron skin, significantly reduces the feasibility of such a finding. This study provides a much needed theoretical baseline to meaningfully interpret the recorded experimental data by combining state-of-the art nuclear structure techniques with a dynamical description of heavy-ion collisions in terms of a novel transport model, SMASH.