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QCD Evolution Workshop 2021

from Monday, 10 May 2021 (08:00) to Friday, 14 May 2021 (18:00)

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10 May 2021
11 May 2021
12 May 2021
13 May 2021
14 May 2021
QCD - Zhongbo Kang (UCLA) (until 11:20) (ZOOM)
09:30 Welcome - Zvi Bern (UCLA)   (ZOOM)
09:35 Introduction - Zhongbo Kang (UCLA)   (ZOOM)
09:40 Milestones of evolution - George Sterman (Stony Brook University)   (ZOOM)
10:05 Jets and Longitudinal Proton Structure at the EIC - Radja Boughezal (Argonne)   (ZOOM)
10:30 QCD Resummation for Jet Observables at Colliders - Feng Yuan (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (ZOOM)
10:55 Projections of jet measurements at the EIC and recent HERA results - Miguel Arratia (University of California, Riverside)   (ZOOM)
11:20 --- Social and Coffee Break ---
QCD - Alexei Prokudin (Penn State Berks) (until 13:30) (ZOOM)
11:50 Overview of recent HERMES results on transverse-momentum dependent spin asymmetries - Gunar Schnell (University of the Basque Country & IKERBASQUE)   (ZOOM)
12:15 Sivers and Qiu-Sterman functions from SIDIS and Drell-Yan data - Vladimirov Alexey (Regensburg University)   (ZOOM)
12:40 Reweighting the quark Sivers function with STAR jet data - Carlo Flore (IJCLab Orsay)   (ZOOM)
13:05 Gluon TMDs and J/ψ polarization in e p collisions - Cristian Pisano   (ZOOM)
QCD - Martha Constantinou (Temple University) (until 11:10) (ZOOM)
09:30 Recent Progress in Large-Momentum Effective Theory - Xiangdong Ji (University of Maryland)   (ZOOM)
09:55 QCD factorization for twist-three quasi(pseudo) parton distributions - Vladimir Braun (Regensburg University)   (ZOOM)
10:20 Precision calculation of the x-dependence of PDFs from lattice QCD - Dr Yong Zhao (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (ZOOM)
10:45 Determination of the Collins-Soper Kernel from Lattice QCD - Maximilian Schlemmer (University of Regensburg)   (ZOOM)
11:10 --- Social and Coffee Break ---
QCD - Ian Cloet (Argonne National Laboratory) (until 13:20) (ZOOM)
11:40 Recent Progress in Lattice Parton Distribution Calculations - Prof. Huey-Wen Lin (Michigan State University)   (ZOOM)
12:05 x-dependent GPDs from Lattice QCD - Martha Constantinou (Temple University)   (ZOOM)
12:30 Valence PDF of pion from lattice QCD - Swagato Mukherjee (BNL)   (ZOOM)
12:55 Gluon distribution from lattice QCD - Raza Sufian (Jefferson Lab)   (ZOOM)
QCD - Yoshitaka Hatta (BNL) (until 11:10) (ZOOM)
09:30 Update on helicity at small x - Yuri Kovchegov (The Ohio State University)   (ZOOM)
09:50 Single Logarithmic Contribution to Small-x Helicity Evolution - Yossathorn Tawabutr (The Ohio State University)   (ZOOM)
10:05 Quark Sivers Function at Small-x: Return of a Spin-Dependent Odderon - Melvin Santiago (Ohio State University)   (ZOOM)
10:20 High-energy OPE for polarized DIS - Giovanni Antonio Chirilli (University of Regensburg)   (ZOOM)
10:45 Threshold resummation in forward hadron production - xiaohui liu   (ZOOM)
11:10 --- Social and Coffee Break ---
QCD - Ivan Vitev (LANL) (until 13:20) (ZOOM)
11:40 Towards a unification of gluon distributions at small and moderate x - Dr Yacine Mehtar-Tani (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (ZOOM)
12:05 ITMD factorization and its recent applications - Krzysztof Kutak (Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences)   (ZOOM)
12:30 Small-x dijet/dihadron production the EIC: beyond the TMD factorization and progress towards NLO - Farid Salazar (Stony Brook University)   (ZOOM)
12:55 Forward dijets in proton-nucleus collisions at next-to-leading order: the real corrections - Yair Mulian (University of Jyväskylä)   (ZOOM)
QCD -Prof. Dingyu Shao (Fudan University) (until 11:10) (ZOOM)
09:30 Leading jets and energy loss - Felix Ringer (UC Berkeley/LBNL)   (ZOOM)
09:55 Rethinking Jets with the Lightray OPE - Ian Moult   (ZOOM)
10:20 The Time-reversal Odd Side of a Jet - Hongxi Xing (South China Normal University)   (ZOOM)
10:45 Azimuthal decorrelation in V+jet production with the WTA axis - Rudi Rahn (University of Amsterdam)   (ZOOM)
11:10 --- Social and Coffee Break ---
QCD - Kyle Lee (LBNL) (until 13:20) (ZOOM)
11:40 The track functions and their QCD evolution - Wouter Waalewijn (University of Amsterdam)   (ZOOM)
12:05 Two-loop splitting in double parton distributions: the colour non-singlet case - Peter Plößl (DESY)   (ZOOM)
12:30 Two-loop evolution equation for the B-meson distribution amplitude - Yao Ji (University of Siegen)   (ZOOM)
12:55 Energy-energy correlators in DIS (as a probe to TMDPDFs) - Yiannis Makris (INFN PAVIA)   (ZOOM)
QCD - Leonard Gamberg (Penn State) (until 11:35) (ZOOM)
09:30 TMDs for spin-1 hadrons - Shunzo Kumano (KEK)   (ZOOM)
09:55 Space-Time Reciprocity Relations and Fragmentation - Duff Neill (LANL)   (ZOOM)
10:20 Phenomenological extraction of a universal TMD FF from BELLE single hadron production data - Mariaelena Boglione (University of Turin)   (ZOOM)
10:45 Hadron production in e+e- collisions within the helicity formalism and the Λ polarizing FF - Prof. Umberto D'Alesio (University and INFN Cagliari)   (ZOOM)
11:10 Gravitational Form Factors and Mechanical Properties of the Proton in a Diquark Model - Dr Asmita Mukherjee (IIT Bombay)   (ZOOM)
11:35 --- Social and Coffee Break ---
13:30 --- Social and Coffee Break ---
QCD - Leonard Gamberg (Penn State) (until 16:05) (ZOOM)
14:00 Measurement of the Drell-Yan transverse momentum dependence over a wide mass range from CMS - Louis Moureaux   (ZOOM)
14:25 TMD Parton Distributions up to N3LL from Drell-Yan data - Giuseppe Bozzi (University of Pavia)   (ZOOM)
14:50 Using TMD formalism for predictions of the W and Z spectrum - ignazio Scimemi (Unniiversidad Complutense Madrid)   (ZOOM)
15:15 Factorization & Resummation of Fiducial Power Corrections - Johannes K. L. Michel (MIT CTP)   (ZOOM)
15:40 Renormalization schemes for parton densities - Ted Rogers (Old Dominion University/Jefferson Lab)   (ZOOM)
13:20 --- Social and Coffee Break ---
QCD - simonetta liuti (university of virginia) (until 16:20) (ZOOM)
13:50 Transverse spin sum rule - Cédric Lorcé (Ecole Polytechnique)   (ZOOM)
14:15 Twist-3 GPDs and Orbital Angular Momentum - Dr Kyle Shiells (Center for Nuclear Femtography)   (ZOOM)
14:40 Exclusive massive photon-pair production in meson-baryon collisions - Zhite Yu (Michigan State University)   (ZOOM)
15:00 Lorentz Invariance and Equation of Motion Relations for polarized GTMDs and Angular Momentum - Michael Engelhardt (New Mexico State University)   (ZOOM)
15:20 Two-loop coefficient function for DVCS: Vector contributions - Jakob Schönleber (University of Regensburg)   (ZOOM)
15:40 Revisiting GPD evolution equations - Dr Valerio Bertone (IRFU, CEA, Université Paris-Saclay)   (ZOOM)
13:20 --- Social and Coffee Break ---
QCD - Alexei Prokudin (Penn State Berks) (until 15:55) (ZOOM)
13:50 Gauge-invariant TMD factorization for Drell-Yan hadronic tensor at small-x - Ian Balitsky (JLab/ODU)   (ZOOM)
14:15 Evolution with transverse momentum dependent splitting functions - Dr Martin Hentschinski (Universidad de las Americas Puebla)   (ZOOM)
14:40 Exclusive Double Drell-Yan factorization and GTMDs - Patricia Gutierrez   (ZOOM)
15:05 JIMWLK Evolution, Lindblad Equation and Quantum-Classical Correspondence - Ming Li (North Carolina State University)   (ZOOM)
15:30 Entanglement, partial set of measurements, and diagonality of the density matrix in the parton model - Vladimir Skokov (BNL)   (ZOOM)
John Collins: Berkeley Lab Nuclear Theory Seminar - Kyle Lee (LBNL) (until 17:00) (Berkeley ZOOM (different from workshop ZOOM, check Remote Instruction page after log in with your indico ID))
16:00 Berkeley Seminar: Mismatches between Perturbative and Non-perturbative Views of Hadronization in QCD - John Collins (Penn State University)   (Berkeley ZOOM (different from workshop ZOOM, check Remote Instruction page after log in with your indico ID))
13:20 --- Social and Coffee Break ---
QCD - John Terry (UCLA) (until 15:40) (ZOOM)
13:50 Probing the Quark Gluon Plasma with jets - varun vaidya (LANL)   (ZOOM)
14:15 Effects of Non-Gaussian in-medium transverse momentum broadening on di-jet observables - Martin Rohrmoser (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences)   (ZOOM)
14:40 Recent updates from JAM collaboration - nobuo sato (Jefferson Lab)   (ZOOM)
14:50 Gluon helicity distributions - Yiyu Zhou   (ZOOM)
15:00 Isovector EMC effect from global QCD analysis with MARATHON data - Christopher Cocuzza (Temple University)   (ZOOM)
15:10 Extractions of Collinear and TMD Parton Distributions in the Pion - Patrick Barry (Jefferson Lab)   (ZOOM)
15:20 Small-x Helicity Phenomenology - Daniel Adamiak   (ZOOM)
15:30 Phenomenological Study of the Origin of SSAs and Extraction of the Tensor Charge - Daniel Pitonyak (Lebanon Valley College)   (ZOOM)
QCD - Anatoly Radyushkin (ODU/JLab) (until 13:45) (ZOOM)
12:05 Accessing the neutron charge radius through electron scattering - Nikos Sparveris (Temple University)   (ZOOM)
12:30 Vector meson production in the polarized quark fragmentation process - Albi Kerbizi (INFN, Trieste Section)   (ZOOM)
12:55 The Energy Momentum Tensor and the D-term - Simone Rodini (University of Pavia & INFN Pavia)   (ZOOM)
13:20 QCD Analysis of Near-Threshold Photon-Proton Production of Heavy Quarkonium - Yuxun Guo (University of Maryland)   (ZOOM)
13:45 --- Social and Coffee Break ---
QCD - Zhongbo Kang (University of California Los Angeles) (until 16:25) (ZOOM)
14:15 Single spin asymmetry at two loops - Yoshitaka Hatta (BNL)   (ZOOM)
14:40 Correlation effects in hadronization - Harut Avagyan (JLab)   (ZOOM)
15:05 TMDs in the covariant parton model with a generalized systematic approach - Saman Bastami (PhD candidate at University of Connecticut)   (ZOOM)
15:30 Lorentz invariance relation anomalies and intrinsic parton transverse momentum - Fatma Aslan (JLab/UConn)   (ZOOM)
15:50 A Comprehensive framework for deeply virtual exclusive experiments - simonetta liuti (university of virginia)   (ZOOM)
16:10 Summary and future plans - Alexei Prokudin (Penn State Berks)   (ZOOM)