High Energy / Nuclear Theory / RIKEN Seminars

[HET Seminar] Dark Sector Decays in the DUNE Multipurpose Near Detector

by Kevin Kelly (FNAL)




The upcoming Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment will enable precision measurements of physics in the neutrino sector, a long-standing goal since the phenomenon of neutrino oscillations was observed. In order to meet its ambitious goals, DUNE will consist of argon-based detectors: a 40 kiloton liquid argon far detector, and several components at its near detector site at Fermilab. Included in this near detector plan is the Multi-Purpose Detector, a gaseous argon detector surrounded by an electromagnetic calorimeter, all situated within a magnetic field. I will demonstrate how this MPD can be used for physics beyond neutrino oscillations, specifically, searching for the decays of new particles that could be associated with dark matter. The MPD is able to improve current experimental limits in searches for Dark Photons, Dark Higgs Bosons, Leptophilic gauge bosons, and Heavy Neutral Leptons. I will also show an intriguing possibility if a Heavy Neutral Lepton is discovered by DUNE, where the possibility of determining whether such a new particle is a Dirac or Majorana fermion is possible.