HiLumi-LHC/Quadrupole Development Workshop

Giorgio Ambrosio (FNAL), Paolo Ferracin (CERN), Peter Wanderer (Brookhaven Lab)
This collaboration meeting is held in conjunction with the Joint LARP CM22 / HiLumi-LHC Collaboration Meeting

Quadrupole Development Workshop
  • Agenda information will be posted as it becomes available.

Local contactsPeter Wanderer (BNL) and Nina Rivera (BNL)

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Please fill out the Registration Form. In addition, all BNL visitors have to register through the BNL's Guest Registration System (GIS), see below.

Guest Registration

All BNL visitors have to register online. If you have a current BNL Appointment and a valid BNL Guest Number or you have a pending Guest Registration (GR) Number, it is not necessary to complete the GIS registration again. Please note that it is only necessary to register with GIS once. If you have already registered with GIS for the Crab Cavity Review, it is not necessary to register again.

To submit information and register, please go to Guest Information System (GIS) and select “Register to come to BNL (GIS)”. Fill in the information about yourself and specify that you will be visiting the Superconducting Magnet Division. Please select “Conference Attendance” from the drop-down menu for Purpose of Visit. Under justification of event, please insert “Joint LARP CM22/HiLumi-LHC Collaboration Meeting”.  Select NONE on list of Facilities. (You don’t need to list other BNL information, such as the building number that you will visit.) The form will come to the Magnet Division’s Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Nina Rivera (nrivera@bnl.govor 631-344-5123 or 631-344-5894), who will fill in any needed BNL information and route it through BNL for approvals. Non-US citizens, please allow four weeks for approvals and note that you MUST bring your passport when you first visit the Laboratory. Please note that all guests wishing to stay on-site must be registered and approved in the BNL Guest Information System (GIS).  

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Should a visa letter or invitation letter be required for your trip, please email your request to Nina Rivera. She will be able to send you a pdf to start the process and original in the postal mail to follow.


Danfords Hotel and Marina in Port Jefferson has agreed to make a group rate ($119 plus tax) available for reservations made by Thursday, MARCH 6. The group code is LARP.
For reservations, please use this link.
Hotel information: Danfords, phone +1 631 928 5200.
BNL is a 30-40 minute drive from Port Jefferson.

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Those wishing to stay on-site, please reserve rooms at the BNL Guest House via +1 (631) 344-2541 or
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