Jet Observables at the Electron-Ion Collider

Physics Department, Bldg. 510, Large Seminar Room (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Physics Department, Bldg. 510, Large Seminar Room

Brookhaven National Laboratory


RIKEN BNL Research Center Workshop

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As the realization of an Electron Ion Collider moves forward, efforts from the nuclear physics community continue to grow. In addition to the ongoing detector R&D efforts, plans for novel analysis topics must be demonstrated to aid in the detector designs, so that we can maximize the physics output of the EIC. This relies on input from both the experimental and theory communities. The aim of this workshop is to gather experts as well as those with a developing interest in the EIC so that theorists and experimentalists with experience measuring jets in a variety of hadronic collision systems can discuss the possible advantages and challenges of making measurements of jets in e+p and e+A collisions at the EIC.

In recent years, measurements at RHIC and LHC have demonstrated that reconstructed jets are a robust probe of QCD physics. Meanwhile, much progress has been made in understanding the usefulness of measuring jets at an EIC since the EIC white paper was written in 2011. However, one limiting factor in furthering these studies is implementation of e+A physics in Monte Carlo simulations. These simulations are crucial for designing detectors with sufficient sensitivity. Some aspects of this implementation require additional theoretical developments. This workshop will enable discussion on the available simulations tools and needs as well as the kinematic restrictions to achieve these goals at an EIC detector.

The EIC will produce the first jets in e+A collisions. These studies will ultimately lead to advances in our understanding of nuclear parton distribution functions (nPDFs), the initial state in A+A collisions, hadronization process, as well as new QCD phenomena in nuclei such as saturation. The goal of the workshop is to hear talks on theoretical developments for e+A physics, the status of MC tools, current MC studies with jets, and proposed new jet observables. The workshop will enable discussions to inform the experimental and theoretical developments for the EIC.

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