High Energy / Nuclear Theory / RIKEN Seminars

[RIKEN Seminar] Parton Distribution Functions inside Hadron from lattice QCD

by Xiang Gao




Due to the light-cone separation, straightforward calculation of Patron Distribution Function (PDF) is not possible using lattice QCD. The Large Momentum Effective Theory (LaMET) provides a systematic way to relate the quasi-PDF, defined by equal-time correlators at large hadron momentum state, to the PDF order by order in perturbation theory. Within the framework of LaMET,  we study the pion valence PDF and the nucleon iso-vector PDFs. Our analysis use both RI-MOM and ratio-based schemes to renormalize the quasi-PDF matrix elements. We reconstruct the x-dependent, as well as infer the first few moments of the pion valence PDF. We compare nucleon iso-vector quasi-PDF matrix elements with the corresponding results of the global fits in coordinate space.