3rd EIC Yellow Report Workshop at CUA

from Wednesday, 16 September 2020 (08:00) to Friday, 18 September 2020 (16:00)

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16 Sep 2020
17 Sep 2020
18 Sep 2020
EIC Project Status and EoI Information Session - Tanja Horn (Cath) (until 12:00) ()
09:00 EIC User Group Intro - Richard Milner (MIT) Bernd Surrow (Temple University)   ()
09:10 Plans for International Engagement - Jehanne Gillo (DOE )   ()
09:50 EIC Project Status - James Yeck (University of Wisconsin-Madison and Brookhaven National Laboratory)   ()
10:30 EoI Information Session - Tanja Horn (Cath) Christine Aidala (Michigan) Bernd Surrow (Temple University)   ()
YR Overview - Tanja Horn (Cath) Dr Markus Diefenthaler (Jefferson Lab) Adrian Dumitru (Dept. of Natural Sciences, Baruch College (CUNY)) Andreas Metz (Temple University) Peter Jones (University of Birmingham) Kenneth Barish (UC Riverside) Silvia Dalla Torre (INFN, Trieste) Olga Evdokimov (UIC) Carlos Munoz Camacho (Orsay) (until 09:30) ()
09:00 General Reminders and Workflow - Andreas Metz (Temple University) Olga Evdokimov (UIC) Thomas Ullrich (BNL) Silvia Dalla Torre (INFN, Trieste) Tanja Horn (Cath) Carlos Munoz Camacho (Orsay) Peter Jones (University of Birmingham) Adrian Dumitru (Dept. of Natural Sciences, Baruch College (CUNY)) Kenneth Barish (UC Riverside) Rolf Ent (Jefferson Lab)   ()
PWG requirements overview: what has been established and what still needs work - Adrian Dumitru (Dept. of Natural Sciences, Baruch College (CUNY)) Andreas Metz (Temple University) Carlos Munoz Camacho (Orsay) Olga Evdokimov (UIC) (until 12:00) ()
09:30 Inclusive reactions WG - nobuo sato (Jefferson Lab) Renee Fatemi (University of Kentucky) Barak Schmookler (Stony Brook University)   ()
10:00 Semi-inclusive Reactions WG - Justin Stevens (William & Mary) Bowen Xiao (Central China Normal University) Vladimirov Alexey (Regensburg University) Ralf Seidl (RIKEN) Anselm Vossen (Duke University)   ()
10:30 Jets, Heavy Quarks WG - Ernst Sichtermann (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Frank Petriello (Northwestern University) Leticia Cunqueiro (ORNL) Ivan Vitev (LANL) Brian Page (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   ()
11:00 Exclusive Reactions WG - Daria Sokhan Tuomas Lappi (University of Jyvaskyla) Raphael Dupre (IPN Orsay) Barbara Pasquini (University of Pavia and INFN, Pavia) Salvatore Fazio (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   ()
11:30 Diffractive Reactions & Tagging WG - Or Hen (MIT) Spencer Klein (LBNL) Douglas Higinbotham (Jefferson Lab) Wim Cosyn (FIU) Anna Stasto (Penn State University)   ()
Discussion on completion tasks for YR and detector testing opportunities (until 12:00) ()
09:00 Overleaf setup and structure - Kenneth Barish (UC Riverside) Adrian Dumitru (Dept. of Natural Sciences, Baruch College (CUNY))   ()
10:15 Timeline - Rolf Ent (Jefferson Lab) Thomas Ullrich (BNL) Andreas Metz (Temple University)   ()
11:30 Detector testing facilities and opportunities - Douglas Higinbotham (Jefferson Lab)   ()
Break (until 13:00) ()
OPC Updates and Detector Complementarity - Grzegorz Kalicy (CUA) (until 16:25) ()
13:00 Current Status of detector solenoid activities - Renuka Rajput-Ghoshal (Jefferson Lab)   ()
13:30 Electronics - Fernando Barbosa (JLab)   ()
13:45 Computing - Jerome LAURET (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   ()
14:00 Detector Complementarity: luminosity optimization at low COM energies - Vadim Ptitsyn (C-AD, BNL)   ()
14:30 Detector Complementarity: Optimization of a 2nd IR - Vasiliy Morozov (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)   ()
15:00 Detector Complementarity: What we know so far - Paul Newman (University of Birmingham, UK) E. C. Aschenauer (BNL)   ()
15:30 Detector Complementarity: Open MIC - E. C. Aschenauer (BNL) Paul Newman (University of Birmingham, UK)   ()
Break (until 13:00) ()
YR Detailed Discussions: Reference detector, material budget, integration issues, background level - Kenneth Barish (UC Riverside) Silvia Dalla Torre (INFN, Trieste) Tanja Horn (Cath) Peter Jones (University of Birmingham) (until 17:15) ()
13:00 DWG detector configurations overview – detector cartoon and list of boundary conditions - Alexander Kiselev (BNL)   ()
13:45 Integration Issues - Walt Akers (Jefferson Lab)   ()
14:30 Material Budget - Matt Posik (Temple University) Leo Greiner (LBNL) Dr Jin Huang (Brookhaven National Lab)   ()
15:15 Background level - Marcy Stutzman (Jefferson Lab)   ()
Break (until 13:00) ()
Outlook and next steps (until 16:00) ()
13:00 Overview: Planned activities and new ideas for activities after YR - Bernd Surrow (Temple University)   ()
13:15 EICUG Charter Survey - Richard Milner (MIT)   ()
13:45 EIC Project Management plans / next steps over the next year - E. C. Aschenauer (BNL) Rolf Ent (Jefferson Lab)   ()
14:30 CFNS Proposal - IR2 @ EIC - Volker Burkert (Jefferson Lab)   ()