Dec 1, 2021

IMPORTANT! Transition to Federated logins starting in December

What is changing

In the coming months, the BNL Indico platform will begin phasing in the use of federated logins for Indico account access. This means that Indico accounts not linked to a federated identity through InCommon and its partner federations in eduGain will lose access after the final phase of this migration. Users of those accounts will need to migrate to a new federated account with an email address that is verified by an appropriate institution.

Transition overview

The transition to federated logins will be implemented in three phases. The first phase will be adding a "Federated authentication" option to the Indico login page. Once selected, users will be able to choose a Federated authentication source to authenticate to Indico. Upon successful authentication, an email address search is performed and Indico will prompt the user to link their accounts if a User profile match is found.  
The second phase will be disabling new Local accounts from being created. Users will still be able to log in using their existing Local account during this phase, but they should migrate to using Federated authentication as soon as possible.
The final phase will be disabling Local account logins from the login page. Users will only be able to authenticate using a Federated authentication source.

Target dates

Starting on December 1, 2021, users will have 6 months to fully migrate to using Federated authentication for Indico access at BNL.  Phase one will go live and users can start using Federated authentication and auto-merging their accounts.

Phase two will begin on March 1, 2022 and the ability to create new Local accounts will be disabled.  This phase will run for another three months.

Phase three will start on June 1, 2022 with local account logins being turned off entirely.  The option to merge an account with an existing local profile will continue to be available upon successful login to Indico.

User account merges

If an email address match is found upon successful login using federated authentication, users will be prompted to merge their accounts.  This is intended behavior and will result in a user having just one account in the end.  Users can still add additional email addresses to their profile under My profile settings - Emails.

If an email address match is not found, users will end up with a new Indico profile.  In this case, a user may want to re-associate their new profile with an existing (non-federated) email address.  This process must be done by an Indico administrator as Indico will just assume that it is a new account and a separate account already exists with the non-federated email address.

User resources

To ensure if your organization is federated or if you have a federated identity, you can visit the following links:

eduGAIN isFederated check

Indico authentication test

Requesting support

Please contact the ITD Helpdesk at and open a support ticket.  When opening a support request for a manual account merge, please include the following information:

  • Local account email address

  • Federated account email address

  • Indicate which account should be the primary account (account with existing permissions)

For all other Indico requests, please contact the ITD helpdesk and open a support ticket or contact the BNL Indico support team at

For users without an InCommon identity but who are associated to research programs supported by the SDCC, please go to to request accounts. This must be done well in advance of the June 1st deadline to ensure uninterrupted access to Indico at BNL.