Aug 15, 2022

Indico 3.x (Update: the maintenance is now complete)

On Wed, 8/17, at 5pm EST the Indico service here at BNL will enter a maintenance window for 4 hours. We will be migrating from our older 2.3.2 version to the new 3.1.1 version. All account profiles, events and permissions will be preserved during this process.  But, the Indico service might be temporarily unavailable during part of the window. We apologize for any inconvenience.

3.1.1 comes with some noticeable improvements such as a new integrated search feature, better avatar support, mixed category support, and various other quality of life improvements. 

You can find out some more about some of the upgraded features of the 3.x series in general here: .

(Please note that not all features listed may be available yet or even applicable to the BNL instance of Indico. i.e. features relating to local accounts… etc.)