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CFNS Annual Review



Abhay Deshpande (Stony Brook University) , Ciprian Gal (Stony Brook University) , J.H. Lee (Brookhaven National Laboratory) , Richard Milner (MIT)

Due to the COVID-19 virus, we will hold the workshop online using Zoom  

This event is part of the CFNS workshop/ad-hoc meeting series. See the CFNS conferences page for other events.


    • 11:00 11:45
      CFNS 2020 Remote Review
      Convener: Dmitri Kharzeev (Stony Brook University and BNL)
      • 11:00
        Welcome & Initial Comments 5m
        Speaker: Richard Milner (MIT)
      • 11:05
        Overview of CFNS Activities in 2020 40m
        Speaker: Abhay Deshpande (Stony Brook University)
    • 11:45 11:55
      Short Stretching Break/Buffer
    • 12:00 13:00
      Short summaries/Review of Selected Workshops in 2020 by their conveners:
      Convener: Raju Venugopalan (BNL)
    • 13:00 13:10
      Short Stretching Break/Buffer
    • 13:10 14:00
      2021 Initiatives:
      Convener: Ciprian Gal (Stony Brook University)
      • 13:10
        2021 Workshop Series on Instrumenting two interactions regions at the EIC 15m
        Speakers: Latifa Elouadrhiri, Volker Burkert (Jefferson Lab)
      • 13:25
        CFNS Initiatives for Under Represented Minorities 20m
        Speaker: Abhay Deshpande (Stony Brook University)
      • 13:45
        Discussion: Review Report 15m
        Speaker: Richard Milner (MIT)
    • 14:00 14:15
      End of Review