Yonatan Kahn "[HET seminar] Discovering the new physics of g-2 with a muon collider"




As we all eagerly await the results of the Fermilab g-2 experiment, I will entertain the possibility that the long-standing discrepancy between the theoretical and experimental values of the muon anomalous magnetic moment arises from new physics. I will argue that the value of the discrepancy imposes a firm boundary on the parameter space of any new physics explanation, such that observables which confirm the anomaly are guaranteed through a combination of muon fixed-target and collider experiments up to 30 TeV center of mass energy. I will further explain that if new particles are not seen directly (either through missing energy or new charged tracks) at a 30 TeV muon collider, this would indicate an explicit fine-tuning problem in the Higgs potential arising from finite, well-defined quantum corrections and would provide persuasive evidence that nature is fine-tuned.

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