HEPMC in Heavy Ion Collisions

Bjoern Schenke (BNL), Christine Nattrass (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

This short workshop will focus on issues with the application of HEPMC standards in heavy ion Monte Carlo models, with an eye towards compatibility with Rivet analyses. There will be discussions of heavy ion specific issues with the goal of developing solutions which work for existing codes with feasible solutions.

Lessons learned from this workshop are here.
HEPMC in Heavy Ion Collisions
  • Andrii Verbytskyi
  • Antonin Maire
  • Antonio Carlos Oliveira da Silva
  • Christal Martin
  • Christian Holm Christensen
  • Christine Nattrass
  • Chun Shen
  • Danish Farooq Meer
  • Elena Bratkovskaya
  • Ewa Glimos
  • Gabor Biro
  • Gabriele Inghirami
  • Gergely Gabor Barnafoldi
  • Hanlin Li
  • Hannah Elfner
  • Ilia Grishmanovskii
  • James Mulligan
  • Jan Fiete Grosse-Oetringhaus
  • Jan Staudenmaier
  • Jie Zhao
  • Joerg Aichelin
  • Johannes JAHAN
  • Klaus Werner
  • Kolja Kauder
  • Leif Lönnblad
  • Marco Giacalone
  • Marcus Bleicher
  • Simon Spies
  • Siyu Tang
  • Victor Gonzalez
  • Viktar Kireyeu
  • Wei-Tian Deng
  • Zi-Wei Lin