WSMON3: Cryo-EM at LBMS: Protein Structures, Protein-protein and Protein-cell Interactions

Virtual Workshop (Zoom link will be provided)

Virtual Workshop

Zoom link will be provided


Cryo-EM has become a widely used structure determination technique and the highest achieved resolution is 1.2 Angstrom where individual atoms can be resolved. To provide free access to cryo-EM instruments for biological applications, Brookhaven National Laboratory established a new national cryo-EM center: the Laboratory for Biomolecular Structure (LBMS). To introduce cryo-EM technique and LBMS to broad scientific communities, we organize this workshop. The goal is to bring together leading researchers to share their experience and strategies to deal with two common bottlenecks in cryo-EM: the sample preparation and the data processing. A live discussion, further development of the methods, and more collaborations are expected.

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