WSWED4: Towards the Next Generation of Photothermal and Near-Field Infrared Nanospectroscopy at the CFN and NSLS-II

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Virtual Workshop

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Recent advancements in the technology for near-field infrared (NFIR) and photothermal infrared (PTIR) spectroscopy have enabled a spatial resolution approaching 10 nm, vastly exceeding the conventional (far-field) spectroscopy resolution limit of about 10 microns and enabling the study molecular complexes on nanotextured surfaces and spontaneous inhomogeneity on a local scale in quantum materials. The CFN has recently begun operating an AFM-based NFIR instrument for the mid-IR nanospectroscopy using laser sources. NSLS-II is just now setting up a similar instrument at beamline 22IR where the broadband synchrotron source should provide full-range spectroscopy reaching into the far-IR. Additionally, the CFN is installing a new optical-photothermal infrared (O-PITR) spectroscopy system that simultaneously performs infrared and Raman spectroscopy and imaging with a spatial resolution on the order of a few hundred nanometers without the use of an AFM probe.

This workshop will serve to inform the User Community of both existing & future capabilities for PTIR and NFIR nanospectroscopy with laser and synchrotron sources. As a new technique, the shared experience and results will help the community to better interpret their spectroscopic results. Additionally, feedback from the User Community will help to define requirements for next-generation facilities at NSLS-II and CFN.

Workshop Organizers:
Samuel A. Tenney
Larry Carr
Mengkun Liu
Dario J. Stacchiola
Christopher Homes
Sabine Neal

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