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BNL Physics Colloquia

Tensor network states and quantum algorithms

by Dr Andreas Weichselbaum (BNL)




Tensor network states (TNSs) have emerged as a powerful versatile
description of strongly correlated quantum many body states. I will
give a short review on TNSs and highlight recent work of ours
in that regard for the description of (effective) one- and two-
dimensional model Hamiltonians in the condensed matter context.
I will then emphasize the strong analogies of algorithms operating
on TNSs with quantum algorithms for quantum computation.
Thus as an outlook, TNSs also offer a possibly powerful framework
for the classical benchmarking and analysis of quantum algorithms
in the noisy intermediate-scale quantum era (NISQ).

Zoom link:  https://bnl.zoomgov.com/j/1605020278?pwd=cHJ1bDRuK1FDNnZLSnpxVkZhcDQ3QT09