14-18 November 2016
Berkner Hall
US/Eastern timezone
Nuclear Data Week at BNL traditionally consists of the CSWEG, USNDP and NDAG meetings. In 2016 it will also include the second meeting of the USNDP Nuclear Data Advisory Committee (USNDP-NDAC), which was formed in 2015 following recommendation of the USNDP Review Panel held in July 2014. The date and time for the Criticality Safety Program - Nuclear Data Advisory Group (CSP-NDAG) meeting, not to be confused with the USNDP-NDAC, has yet to be determined.
Warning: the schedule shown below is tentative and the details may change although dates of the major meetings are essentially fixed.
Conference status: US National Nuclear Data Week 2016 is exempt from being considered a conference.
To make full use of the Indico system, each participant must register as an Indico user. So, if you haven't yet done so, please register. To do this click on the the "Login" button at the top right of this page, and you should see a link from which you can quickly create an Indico account. If you already are the Indico user (e.g., attended ND Week a year ago) you can login with your user name and simply register to the current event.
Session Managers
The managers of each session are responsible for adding and ordering contributions (see Manager's help). Once a contribution has been added, and assuming the manager has allowed the presenter to submit the contribution, the presenter may submit (or "Add Material") his or her talk anytime from the "My Contributions" menu item.
Submitting contributions
Participants shall upload their contributions to the Indico system before their presentation. The preferred format is pdf. Use of the Keynote or PowerPoint formats should be limited only to the contributions containing animations that are critical for understanding the presentation. Please consult instructions for uploading the material (note that you may upload additional files, e.g., data, documents, plots, etc. in support of the actual presentation).
Please note that non-U.S. nationals need to complete the GIS form no later than 35 days before the meetings.
Berkner Hall
Brookhaven National Lab
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