ePIC Software & Computing Weekly Meeting

Markus Diefenthaler (Jefferson Lab), Sylvester Joosten (Argonne National Laboratory), Torre Wenaus (BNL), Wouter Deconinck (University of Manitoba)

We will use Zoom for the remote meeting: 

    • SCC News
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        ePIC Software & Computing Meeting at UIC
      • 2
        Physics and Detector Simulations WG Meeting Announcement
        Speakers: Chao Peng (Argonne National Laboratory), Kolja Kauder (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
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    • Software Progress and New Issue Board
      Conveners: Chao Peng (Argonne National Laboratory), Derek Anderson (Iowa State University), Kolja Kauder (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Shujie Li (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
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    • Objectives for October campaign
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        Group Discussion