BNL Physics Colloquia

The interface between Arts and Science, a multi-dimensional space, Helio Takai (Interim Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, The Pratt Institute)



The interface between Arts and Science is wide and diverse.
Art and Design covers a wide range of activities from Fine Arts
to Digital Arts, from Fashion to Industrial Design, and
Architecture. In this context, the disciplines of
mathematics and sciences have a broad overlap with these
creative practices. The science, and technology, from the
knowledge of materials to software for virtual and augmented
reality, are all foundations to the development of Arts and
Design. In all of these areas, one of the main concerns today
is the evolution of these practices in a sustainable and
ecological manner. Biomaterials, Material Degradation,
Software Development, and Robotics, are a few of the
subjects relevant to Arts and Design. On the counter flux,
Arts can bring new ways to communicate science to a large
segment of the population. Art communicates a message through
experiences. In this presentation, I will discuss the various
interfaces between arts and science, and in particular, those
that are relevant to the Pratt Institute.

Organized by

George Redlinger