BNL Physics Colloquia

Postponed: A review of results from the HERA ep Collider, Stefan Schmitt (DESY)



The HERA electron-proton collider was operated at DESY, Hamburg in the
years 1993-2007. Compared to the planned EIC collider, HERA had a
significantly higher centre-of-mass energy of 320 GeV. On the other
hand, the HERA luminosity as compared to EIC was lower by a factor of
one hundred and it could only be used with unpolarized protons.

This talk is reviewing selected experimental results of the two HERA
experiments H1 and ZEUS, such as determinations of parton densities in
the proton and measurements of fundamental QCD parameters. In the
future, these measurements will be complemented and greatly improved
by high-precision measurements at the EIC


Organized by

Thomas Ullrich