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High Energy / Nuclear Theory / RIKEN seminars

[HET Seminar] Axion like particles at Kaon experiments

by Stefania Gori (University of Chicago)



The two Kaon factories, KOTO and NA62, are at the cutting edge of the intensity frontier, with an unprecedented number of long lived and charged Kaons being measured and analyzed. These experiments have a unique opportunity to search for dark sectors. In this seminar, I will explore the complementarity of NA62 and KOTO in probing axion-like-particle (ALP) models, where the ALP is produced from Kaon decays. I will highlight theoretical progress in the calculation of the rates for K -> pi ALP, and possible ways to violate the Grossman-Nir bound that relates K^+ and K_L decays. I will also propose possible new experimental searches that can be performed in the future by the two collaborations, and compare their reach with the reach of other high intensity experiments. Finally, I will also discuss possible models that address the current KOTO anomaly.